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Scheduled Maintenance in Falls Church, Virginia

Regular scheduled maintenance helps your car run like new for longer. Enjoy maximum performance and efficiency from your automobile with scheduled maintenance from our company in Falls Church, Virginia. Lee's Auto Center provides auto maintenance services within a first-rate, clean, four-bay garage.

Engine and System Maintenance

  • Tune-Ups
  • Oil Changes
Front End Work. We offer 4-wheel alignment, replace power steering system components, shocks, struts, ball joints and flush power steering fluids.
Belt and Hose Replacements. Your belts and hoses really propel your vehicle forward. We replace timing belts, power steering belts, alternator belts, compressor belts or your serpentine belt. Your engine hoses that feed radiator fluid, gas, and brake fluids will be checked and replaced if they show signs of wear.
Filter Replacements. Keeping debris out of your vehicle’s critical functions is paramount in keeping performance on the level for your machine. We replace your fuel filter, air filter, cabin air filter and oil filter during maintenance appointments.
Comprehensive services include:
• Belt Replacements
• Hose Replacements
• Filter Replacements
• Suspension System Repairs
• Steering System Repairs
• Safety Inspections
• Interior & Exterior Detailing

Comfortable Waiting Room

For our customers' comfort, we offer a pleasant and inviting waiting room. It is equipped with Internet, Wi-Fi, a filtered water machine, and a clean air machine, all of which are serviced every six months.

Computer Resets

Lee's Auto Center also offers computer resets for your vehicle after it has been serviced. This is a necessary service for all foreign cars. Resetting your car's computer allows us to track its maintenance history and send the information to CARFAX®.

Safety Inspections

Airbag System Maintenance. As a vital part of your driving safety, we make sure the airbag system is in proper working order. There is no good time to discover your airbag system isn’t working because of faulty sensors.
Anti-Lock Brake System Maintenance. Now that sensors tell your computer when a wheels stop rotating and subsequently when to release brake fluid, or warn you when it' not releasing brake fluid, travel has been more secure. If your ABS light is on, let Lee’s Auto Center diagnose between a conventional brake issue and an actual ABS issue.
Remembering to bring your car in for maintenance is like taking a nap when you’re cooking. You don’t remember until the kitchen is on fire. Schedule your maintenance appointment with Lee’s Auto Center right here on our website at your convenience and we can send friendly reminders to your email or via text.
Contact us in Falls Church, Virginia, to learn more about factory-scheduled maintenance from our automotive shop.