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Auto Repair & Computer Diagnostics in Falls Church, Virginia

Ensure safe and stress-free road trips in the future with general auto repair and computer diagnostics from our company in Falls Church, Virginia.
Bills, jobs and loved ones do a great job stressing you out. Your vehicle doesn’t have to add to the headache. While you may not know what to do with your in-laws, you know to bring your broken-down car to Lee’s Auto Center in Falls Church, VA. With 25 years’ experience with cars, trucks, light duty commercial vehicles and hybrids, we have the expertise to get you back on the road safely and swiftly.

Auto Repairs

It’s what happens when maintenance schedules are ignored and pushed back until you get used to poor gas mileage and the noise your car makes. We know you’re busy. This is why you get professional ASE certified mechanics that can repair any issue you have.
Major Engine Work. When your vehicle sounds like a typewriter, smokes like a chimney and bubbles like a cauldron, it’s time to let the professionals get to work on those lifters, pistons and heads. We also handle full engine overhauls and order overhaul kits for all makes and models.
Automatic and Standard Transmissions. Stripped gears in your manual transmission or your automatic transmission is idling too high are issues easily avoided by maintenance.
Brake System Repairs. We are equipped to machine or replace brakes and warped rotors on both domestic and foreign cars.
Air Conditioning System Repairs. Are you having compressor or blower issues or are you leaking Freon? Either way, if you don’t have cold air in the summers, call us.
Heating System Repairs. Having your car constantly overheat or blow cold air in the winter is not a pleasant driving experience. Let us check your thermostat, water pump, radiator and hose and heater core to get to the bottom of the issue.
Electric System Repairs. The battery could be the reason your lights dim when the car is cranked or has a slow turnover. Are you replacing brake light bulbs often? We will diagnose, locate and your electronic short in no time.
Exhaust System Repairs. Some car brands are prone to exhaust system weakness after a few years. If your car can be heard before its cloud of grey emissions is seen, your exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, particulate filter or exhaust pipe may be compromised.
We improve your car's handling and safety with services including:
  • Major Engine Work
  • Automatic & Standard Transmission Repairs
  • Shuttle Services within a Two-Mile Radius
  • Brake System Repairs
  • Exhaust System Repairs
  • Air Conditioning System Repairs & Recharges
  • Heating System Repairs
  • Front-End Work, including Alignments & Wheel Balances
  • Rental Car Door-to-Door Services through Enterprise™
  • Overhauls
  • Tune-Ups
  • Oil Changes
  • Airbag System Repairs
  • ABS System Work
  • Tire Ordering & Installation
  • Electrical Work
  • Towing Services

Safety Inspections & Emission Services

Safety inspections are required yearly and emission tests are mandatory every other year. Our automotive shop ensures your car meets the necessary standards with emission repairs and Virginia state safety inspections.

Computer Diagnostics & Repairs

Lee's Auto Center also provides computer diagnostics and repair services. Every car has an on-board diagnostic system. We connect our machine to your system to pinpoint problems in the vehicle.

Courtesy Services

We know you’ve got places to go and people to see. Car problems can put a monkey wrench in your plans. Lee’s Auto Center makes it easy to get back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  • Shuttle Services within a Two-Mile Radius
  • Rental Car Door-to-Door Services through Enterprise™
  • Tire Ordering & Installation
  • Towing Services
  • Interior & Exterior Detailing
If your Ford is Found on the Road Dead in the Falls Church area, call Lee’s Auto Center to give you a tow into the shop. We can Bring More Wrenches for your BMW, and they can fix up your Volkswagen before its Virtually Worthless.
Contact us in Falls Church, Virginia, for top-quality auto repairs and computer diagnostics.